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In which I attempt to capitalise on my new-found Twitter followers and dig up an old post I meant to upload ages ago because it feels like it's relevant now.

Most games these days come with a tutorial. Tutorials have been around for ages. In the Good Old Days, they would be almost entirely hidden - the game would simply drip-feed features at you so as not to overwhelm a new player and not go into too much detail about how they all worked. It was largely up to the player to work that bit out. In fact, a lot of the games didn't actually explain anything at all.
That sort of stuff just doesn’t fly on mobile these days.
Have you ever tried something like Game Of War? The tutorial in that is insane! It takes an age to complete, carefully isolating and highlighting which button to press next*. But here's the kicker:

I bet you won't know how to play the game once you reach the end of it.

Strange, huh? So why does it do this?

Well, I'm really not sure, but I do have a theory. Ga…

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