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I can't get no sleep

We’ve just got back from Insomnia 60 and let me tell you it was quite an experience.
Founded in 1999 as a large LAN party, it has subsequently grown into an even larger LAN party with an expo attached. Here you’ll find typical games expo things like stands from hardware manufacturers, VR setups, board games, merchandising, cosplay, YouTubers and, obviously, Indie Games.
We’d been offered a stand in the Indie Zone so that we could demo our next project - Space Krieg - to the public. In truth, it’s far too early to be showing Space Krieg to anyone - it’s only had about a month’s worth of work done on it in total - but we needed to give it a bit of a shakedown in preparation for Nordic Game in May as it has made it to the finals of the pitching competition there.
Getting ready for Insomnia was quite an epic undertaking. Not least of which because we didn’t really have a playable game to show right up until the weekend before we were set to leave. That meant assembling the team and convertin…

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